XP – 10x
Harvest – 5x
Taming – 15x
Mating Interval – 0.5 (8-24 hour cooldown)
Mating Speed – 10x
Egg Hatch Speed – 25x
Baby Mature Spee

d – 10x
Crop Growth Speed – 10x


– Earn points and rewards to spend in the ark shop by playing the game, becoming a Supporter or more, donating, voting, and doing achievements and quests.
All players can earn daily points by VOTING for the servers list go to Discord #vote-servers
*After voting, type /claim in game to receive your points and rewards

Default points gained – 5 points per hour.

– Supporter – Earn 20 points per hour – Orange Name Color

– VIP – Earn 30 points per hour – Green Name Color
– Premium – Earn 40 points per hour – Yellow Name Color
– Champion – Earn 90 points per hour – Blue Name Color
– Royalty – Earn 150 points per hour – Purple Name Color
– Legend – Earn 200 points per hour – Magenta Name Color

ORP is a structure that has to be placed in order to activate. It looks like a tek forcefield, and can be found in your engrams named MAGA ORP.
Instant 100% Offline Raid Protection upon last member logging off or transferring off the map, no delay or ramping.
Active ORP prevents any structure damage or passive dino damage as long as inside the ORP area. Your turrets will also have infinite ammo while inside active ORP.
*Logging out on PVP cooldown delays ORP activation by 6 hours, make sure you are not on cooldown! When the raid flag is on , press F1 and you will see the raid timer or type /raid
*ORP decays and stops working after 7 days of inactivity.

– Raid protection ONLY WORKS in ORP Range . ORP command must be placed for raid protection to work, and will only protect whatever is inside the ORP radius. As soon as players/tames/structures are outside of ORP radius, they can be damaged and are available for PVP.
– Structures, players, and tames are protected as long as inside ORP radius, so new players cannot be messed with.

– Everyone receives NPP  for 7 days.
– Players receive ”NPP” tag upon joining the server for 7 days. It is cluster-wide but respects Raid 
– Players can check their new player protection with the “/npp status”  command. 
– Players can go into PVP mode and turn off their new player protection by typing the “/npp disable”  command. Note, this change is permanent, you will not get NPP again after disabling it, Iff needed you can buy some extra in the e-shop

Weight – 10x (100 per point)
Melee – 1.5x (7.5 per point)
Fortitude – 2.5x (5 per point)

Server daily restart – 5:00 GMT + 1
Server daily wild dino wipe – every 12 hours
Cache Enabled – Faster server loading

Element and Tribute Transfers – Enabled

Tribe Tame Limit – 750
Structure Snap Limit – 7500
Optimized Engrams – no lag in the engram screen
No structure collision and auto structure (and player) mesh prevention
Turret Limit
Always allowed structure pick up – use S+ multi tool as pick up gun (in structure setting)
Custom stack sizes
Solo farm – enabled with the /clear command